Hong Kong - The Clash Of Cultures

This August I was graced with the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Hong Kong. Upon hearing so much about the city and the vast culture it contains, I knew immediately that I had wanted to try my best to submerge myself in it's culture for the few days I had spent my time there. What better way is there to remember the spirit of the city, but to capture it's essence through photography?

Personally, I'm not so much linguistic as I am visual, as I've felt I've never had a way with words. I feel that images are the best way to convey the tone and mood of a place or person. So here are the photos that I captured of this diverse city from my camera, selecting the best of all the photos I took to share: 


These where taken from my hotel room window at the 
Island Shangri-La. I just feel you can look out of a window and find a beautiful image to inspire you. 

These where quickly shot on the star ferry, sometimes something beautiful can be found in a second so always look up.

It fascinates me that as a crowd forms people move simultaneously as one, almost like a heard of cattle. 
This was taken from the top deck of a cable car. 

  I love to walk. I feel walking is the best way to get around a city and see it at its best. I walked around I don't even know where one night, and this is What I saw. The LED lights are what took my attention most as it reminded me that the consumer world is everywhere you look, glaring into your eyes.
I just absolutely love the way this bus was designed. 

This building in particular, made me think of "The Grand Budapest Hotel" as I pretty much adore Wes Anderson.


 Photos edited by Wind Kuph
 Words edited by Victoria Sandico 

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