unwind, gently

(image via tumblr)

I do not possess the skill to flick my tongue and tell you exactly what is happening in here
I could say it all at once as it comes to pass, foaming at the mouth, hungry for your eyes to sparkle
Slowly, as we move towards the parts they told us we would face
The parts that would make us cautious if all doesn’t end well

Pull back all the layers and unwind, gently
Allow this not to consume you entirely

There may be flowers blossoming within your vision
But that does not mean that this is right

It just means the seasons have changed
That it’s time to awaken the sleeping parts of the earth
Maybe as well, time for you to rub your eyes
and untuck yourself from under this other body

Realize that you are present in your own right
That this kiss will not be the one to save you
Just because you dream it to


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