pick it up


I am forgetting bits and pieces of my past
The pieces I've tried to frantically to collect in mason jars
Jars I've since knocked over
Hurricane after Hurricane
We were prone to them
Where we lived was prone to them
But now I deal with only sunshine

The parts lost are gone with last names of crushes I vowed to inherit in the future
I remember now only the outlines of my old houses
And possibly an old phone number
But I don't know if it's even ours
Or my friends
Or just numbers that I strung together because they all fit perfectly into the remainder of these broken jars

There's still little things that stick
Cicadas chirping
The taste of shaved ice
Running through sprinklers
Like the bad dye job I gave myself at 18
Like the spot on my phone case I can't stop running my thumb over
These parts too will fade