behind the beauty of unlike complexions

View Kuphirun shares her opinions on fashion and captures the beauty of contrasting skin. 
It's no brainer that the media brainwashes our society's beauty standards. It bombards us with notions of what is desirable and who we should be. Photoshopped images of women in magazines imply that girls should be thin and flawless. African Americans are also underrepresented in magazines, and are made to look drastically paler.  Through these set of photos, I'm trying to address this toxic power of the media that is impacting our whole community and convey the beauty of different complexions. I used white paint to address white privilege.

As the dominant racial group in the United States, whites have distinct advantages. In one frame, Lexi (Right) closes her eyes as a symbol white ignorance at the racial tensions that make being black inherently hard. I kept Ericka's (Left) beautifully dark skin and Lexi's skin untouched as I also want to encourage other girls to embrace their imperfections. Through the juxtaposition and symmetrical form of the models, I hope to communicate a positive message that we can overcome racial inequality and coexist in peace and harmony if we have mutual respect.  In the future, I hope to see more progress and equality in how women are portrayed in the media and beyond.


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