coffee, cigarettes, and evening prayers


Toronto-based photographer and visual artist Frances Sousa gives us a preview of her artwork, propped with coffee, cigarettes, flowers, and evening prayers. Frances delivers artwork of poetic,graceful elegance, establishing her own unique style by combining collage, sculpture, embroidery, paint and photography.

ARTWORK // FRANCES SOUSA (ig:@frances.sousa)


"Although my work entails a variety of materials and methods, the work is consistent in that each piece maintains the focus of the process and relationship between medium and form." 

"I don't aim to make art about one subject or another. The subject matter of each body of work is frequently shaped by the form and materials of the work." 

"Often at times, experimentation with combining materials results in layered juxtaposition of abstract imagery and texture. I make my art to play and experiment with style. I often find myself expressing my imagination through my work, which often results to vibrant, dreamy, avant-garde and ethereal imagery."



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