moment of elevation

A poem entailing heavy sentiments "Moment of Elevation" written by Ukranian-based writer and Fashion Arts enthusiast Olga Korovina


The cold air swirls between my fingers, 
fallen petals spilling over like waves.
Rays of light pouring through the cracks, 
casting hues of gold and shimmery gray.
I feel the gloomy cold enveloping my soul.
And I'm beyond.
Beyond that sphere,
Beyond the ether...

My soul is floating tenderly and carefree
through the boundless space, like a gull, 
Who soars up towards the serene obscurity,
Soaking in the rays of brilliant, silvery sunshine...
I let this limpid, celestial air, push and pull me like an autumn leaf,
Saturated with golden nectar.
The cold air swirls at my feet, fallen petals fly up, whirling, whirling.
And I'm beyond...


"Urban Sapphire"
acrylic on canvas


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