a shout into the void from the hearts of american youth

BLOOME senior journalist Maia Medel fabricates a visual diary of stunning portraits and words of truth that capture the spirit of North American youth.

It can be difficult.
Everything felt so safe.
But we begin to grow.
We begin to notice things.
We realize that the world isn’t as safe as we once thought it was

Living in between our childlike wonder for the world and the crushing reality of adulthood.
Too old and too young.
It can be difficult.
Yet we feel invincible.

The power to be old enough to go out alone, yet be young and reckless without fault.
We need to be understood, to be seen.
Brimming with ideas and the desire to do something.

Because as we are constantly changing and growing we now have to figure out how to love ourselves in a world that doesn't want us to.

Because too often are we told to act our age, or that we are too young for this but too old for that.
Because we are told that this is the real world now.

Because we soon learn that knowing how to tell time comes with the burden of knowing that our time here is short.
Because the bigger we grow the more we realize how small we really are.

It can be difficult to grow up.
Whatever the hell that means.


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