notes from the fisherman's journal

Glissments progressifs du plaisir 
(Alain Robbe-Grillet)
Nigerian-based poet Zara Medugu shares with us words to celebrate the beauty of nature and life through her poem "Notes from the Fisherman's Journal". 

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The sea loves the taste of the sand
Kisses gently
Kisses wildly
Drags it by its skin
Throws it back

Gives it gifts of shells and glass
Shiny things
Green things
Lovely things
That remind the sea of the sand's beauty
of Its millions of particles

Shaped as things we can't see
Things the sea has come to love endlessly
And press into the sand's surface
And pull away into its own depths
Into the secret place
Where it's so dark
And it makes our lungs heavy

The place where mystery originated
Where love gets trapped
Where the ocean keeps its secrets
About the sand's taste
Where the ocean keeps its
Stolen kisses


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