stranger things inspired playlist

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Senior Journalist Jessica Nauta constructs a playlist of twelve songs inspired by the 80s throwback Netflix series Stranger Things. 

Netflix's new original series, Stranger Things, has captured viewers around the world this summer when it was released on July 15. Stranger Things is a period piece directed by Matt and Ross Duffer, centered around a small town in 1983 Indiana, following the story of the sudden disappearance of a young boy named Will, and the search that uncovers haunting secrets revolving around top-secret government experiments, supernatural forces, and one very strange girl.

Though the show is set in the 1980's, it's certainly not about the 80's. The setting is, however, masterfully used to pay homage to the 1980's thrillers that defined the decade, such as Steven Spielberg films (E.T. in particular), The Goonies, Poltergeist and all things Stephen King (his novels were even deliberately referenced in one episode). With hindsight being 20/20, the filmmakers were able to factor in all the highlights of the decade, including the music. This playlist is comprised of songs featured in the show, as well as others that I feel capture the 80's-suburban-thriller vibe in it's essence.

So, plug in, and re-live the strange, haunting, and nostalgic world that was provided to us through Stranger Things.

"Mornings are for coffee and contemplation"  
- Jim Hopper, Stranger Things 


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