exploring horizons with fashionmaker julie paskal

In the middle of preparation for a Paris Fashion week runway show, Ukrainian fashion creator Julie Paskal managed to squeeze in some time to chat with BLOOME journalist Olga Korovina. Her brand PASKAL is known for minimalism, and contemporary elements of design inspired by Julie's background in architecture and engineering.

The photos used within this article are not exclusive to BLOOME and belong to fashion photographers, and numerous collaborators on behalf of Paris Fashion Week 2016...

BLOOME: As a starter, I'd like to ask you what part of your work you most enjoy executing?

JP: Well, the most enjoyable part of my work would be sample creation! It’s not when I make research and develop sketches, but the specific moment when the first pieces come to life and you can decipher which ideas work and which don't. I mean, that's probably the most active and hard part of work, because I have to filter what I’ve created and , of course, we don’t use all of my creative ideas at the end. That’s what is the most exciting.

BLOOME: What inspires and motivates you to keep doing what you do?

JP: It’s most definitely the horizons which we haven’t discovered yet. Our team is motivated by the fact that we don’t sit still, we always push the boundaries and we are really excited by what else we can do. The harder we work, - the more we get. Good feedback is always there and it constantly grows in amount. For instance earlier, I had some kind of understanding that my specific aim would be a runway show, so now we have already passed that stage. Now we are more concentrated on the qualitative content of that particular runway show. But we are still interested on what’s coming up next and that’s probably the main reason of why we keep going. We have such a consistent and close team that it’s hard for me to look at other people as solely employees - we work together.

BLOOME: Great. I wonder then what you consider to be the scariest professional experience you’ve had to face?

JP: Oh, I’m always very frightened when I rush to finish my collection before the show. It is also a very important moment now, when our sales have boosted significantly and we are afraid of letting our buyers down and not delivering our collection on time. But still, I feel like we have some kind of a carte-blanche, as we are a young brand and sometimes we are forgiven some of our flaws. Because, initially, the requirements are the same for everyone: there is a delivery schedule, and if you miss the deadline and don’t fit in it, then you can leave all your items to yourself... We have always shown ourselves as highly punctual and professional at this point, however it’s not easy at all to manage all this business.

BLOOME: Definitely.  Moving forward to more personal questions, what do you like and why, in general?

JP: In general, I really love music, my kids and the sea! I’m talking about different types of love, of course. I love the sea because it always updates and vitalizes me. I come from Odessa and I can’t even imagine my life without the sea. That is probably the thing that rescues me at the hardest moments.  I said kids because they are kids, they are funny and they share their positive energy with you. Music – because in my childhood, my parents and I, we paid a lot of attention to music and the only thing I regret is refusing to visit my music classes… That is why I can’t play the piano now. I really wish I could! I have even tried to start learning to play the piano recently!  However, unfortunately I don’t have enough time and my fingers just can’t get used to it for now!


BLOOME: What superpower would you like to have?

JP: I would really love to be able to fly!


JP: I would like to see everything from a completely different perspective, with a bird's eye. I’m very enchanted by the skies, sunsets, dawns, the sea... I often dream that I'm flying. Despite the fact that I am a grown-up, because usually they say that you dream that you are flying when you are a little baby and you grow up.

BLOOME: That’s wonderful. Ok, finally, what could you advice to young fashion industry enthusiasts?

JP: Well, I would advice them to work very hard and study a lot. And not be afraid of anything! I mean not to be afraid of setting high aims and not to think that something is impossible. Because everything is quite possible!

BLOOME: Julie, thank you very much for such a pleasant chat!

JP: You are very welcome!


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