poems of love and the feminine spirit

Victoria Sandico explores the intensity of  love and feminine spirtuality through free verse poems "Blue is the Warmest Color" and "Rosaries and Harlots".

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The world in which we love is sin
of crimson cries and symphonies.
With the wistful grip of the artist's hand,
you're love was found so scattered through
a soul enriched in flames of blue.

To love, to laughter, to life we share
but in this world we dance through despair.
Break free. Shake away with wisps of light 
the vices of my love for you. 
Blue is the tone in everything I do. 


Dear God, 
I've found Mary sitting by the riverbank. 
She talks to me in my dreams. 
She sings to me when I can't fall asleep. 
She sits where her thoughts flow 
through a silent invocation in the night. 

Mother Mary. She can hear me
through the movement of wicked hands and wicked minds. 
Stars above, and we lie small.
She wishes me luck, as I am tucked 
beneath the sheets of skin and sweat.

When ivory harlots sing
the songs of redemption,
the songs of everlasting sin,
Mother Mary cries for us. 
Dear God, I've found myself sitting by the riverbank. 


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