FASHION WEEK DIARIES: AW'17/18 trends displayed at London Fashion Week Festival

The idea to create this project sprang up to my mind naturally as I wanted to give our readers an insight into the fashion industry and foster on the way it interacts with the contemporary world. By collaborating with many young fashion insiders around the world on showcasing global fashion events I aspire to deliver a vivid portrayal of the fashion society, highlight its diversity and cultural backgrounds, and create a platform for fruitful communication among everybody who believe in the goodwill of fashion.
- Fashion and Arts director Olga Korovina.

Autumn/Winter 17/18 trends have been beautifully outlined once again at London Fashion Week Festival. This season’s catwalk was all about that seventies trend, suiting and dazzle! Get inspired by our selection of looks from the runway taken by by James Greenhalgh and Max Herridge.

Have a warm and stylish autumn!

The seventies:



PHOTOGRAPHY BY James Greenhalgh AND Max Herridge

CURATED BY Olga Korovina

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