FASHION WEEK DIARIES: London Fashion Week SS'18

The idea to create this project sprang up to my mind naturally as I wanted to give our readers an insight into the fashion industry and foster on the way it interacts with the contemporary world. By collaborating with many young fashion insiders around the world on showcasing global fashion events I aspire to deliver a vivid portrayal of the fashion society, highlight its diversity and cultural backgrounds, and create a platform for fruitful communication among everybody who believe in the goodwill of fashion.
- Fashion and Arts director Olga Korovina.

London's fashion is known to be of an ostentatious matter. One of the few cities where despite how good one thinks they look, there will always be a better dressed figure approaching within the block's walk.
Here's what BLOOME senior photographer Mona Cordes says anout her experience at LFW:
"I've done London fashion week since quite a few seasons now. I'm always taking a particular look at the street style appearing on soho's streets near the different show venues. I've captured a few special looking people. Here you see how different london's fashion creatures dress up. It's a kind of show: the guys with super coloured faces for example. I've asked them if they always do it and they said sometimes but fashion week is a perfect opportunity to stand out. The city of London allows us to dress how we like especially during fashion week it's more acceptable to look crazy or quirky. I think this is great but can be a bit annoying as well as it's really superficial. Some of those who dress up in something like Gucci probably don't really belong to a kind of crowd as such, but fashion at least allows us to change our characters and appearance which is great!"

Contemplate the variety of groundbreaking and boundary-pushing design pieces captured by Anastasiia Sheptukhina, Max Herridge and Mona Cordes on the streets of England's jewel during the latest fashion season.



 Photography by Anastasiia Sheptukhina

Photography by  Max Herridge

Photography by  Mona Cordes

CURATED BY Olga Korovina

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