September Playlist: Springtime Shoegaze and Lofi Hiphop

Music editor Ruven Samaraweera commemorates the reopening of BLOOME with the magazine's very first playlist series, with a new addition to be released on the 1st of every month.

Our september playlisy is paired with evocative pastel collages by Lucilla Bellini, and visually striking neon photography by Yiling Zhao.


"We figured to go with a spring themed set of tracks, something that resembles the reblooming of our publication: A love letter dedicated to the celebration of my second favourite season (and subsequently, curated in my least favourite).

When I think spring, I tend to listen to shoegaze, dream-pop, and low-fidelity hip hop. All genres which tend to emanate a more dream-like timbre. Shoegaze and dream-pop with its swirling ambience; and lofi hip-hop with its scratchy yet romantic tonality, so we have a colourful choice of songs for you guys to indulge in. We've packed some classics like Nujabes and Les Rallizes Desnudes, but we also managed to sneak in some newer releases from the new Tyler, the Creator and Xxxtentacion albums. Starting off with the dreamy cherry-coloured funk and concluding with the dire but seductive lady grinning soul, I hope to have constructed a pleasant joy-trip, yet one that still has the ability to toy with your emotions."

~ Ruven

1.  Cherry-colored Funk // Cocteau Twins

2.  40 Days // Slowdive

3.  Great Day // Madvillain (MF Doom X Madlib)

4.  Depression and Obsession // Xxxtentacion

     5. Freedom of '76 // Ween

6. Space Song // Beach House

7. Reflection Eternal // Nujabes

8. Where This Flower Blooms // Tyler, the Creator

9. Sometimes... // Tyler, the Creator

10. I Want To Talk About You // Ryo Fukui

11. Enter The Mirror // Les Rallizes Desnudes

12. Lady Grinning Soul // David Bowie


Photography by YILING ZHAO @yilzhao

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