Ukraine’s Fashionable Youth – shaping the ideas of today & tomorrow

For several years Ukraine - the former Soviet republic, has been caught between Russia and Europe in a political, economical and cultural battle.
Starting in late 2013, those known as EuroMaidan Ukrainians in Kiev and elsewhere across Ukraine took to the streets in support of closer integration with the European Union.
These protests and all that has followed have drawn attention to the desires and emotions of Ukraine’s youth.  
As this fashion photo series demonstrates, beyond their everyday routine, young Ukrainians make the night a moment of casual encounters and exchanges. 

Night after night, the streets become a place of diversity where youth from different 
social strata meets, and where youth from both extremes mix to share their ideas and 

ideals - freedom but above all peace.

These pictures convey the indifference of Ukrainian teens to their country, their 
rebellious views and their desire to smoke on the sidelines. They portray the 

influence of Western culture on Ukrainian youth and the huge step forward it has 

inspired. The EuroMaidan has helped Ukraine’s younger generation to adapt to new situations, regardless of their gravity.

"The Ukrainian culture itself has become more versatile, free, without any framework, colorful and more beautiful” says photographer Anastasia Pozhydaeva.

Her message is that youth should not be fearful and not despair but rather create their own world in order to survive in such conditions.  Fashion is the best way of
expressing the position they choose to take in society. It can communicate a message about the opinions, values, and character of young Ukrainians.



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