True Horror: The United States Versus the World

Halloween is a spooky celebration that happens every year on October 31st in a number of countries. It is a laid back, candy-filled holiday. Trying to win “Scariest Costume" or "Funniest Costume" at parties, going trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving are just a few of the many activities practiced. Halloween is a carefree celebration of everything horror related.  It marks the beginning of the Autumn holiday season, when the weather starts to cool down, and the leaves are turning into brilliant muted rainbows.

This Halloween-themed four-piece photo series titled “True Horror” doesn’t explore witches, ghosts, or goblins. Rather, it depicts the true horrors of the world and the stark contrasts between certain horrors of the United States versus those of other countries. In some parts of the world, one faces horrors such as the Rohingya Muslim rcrisis or the Somalia truck bombing. In otherplaces, the horrors people face are generated by power and money hungry men like Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein.

Tassels and Sunsets - Travel Diary: Israel

Monday/Tuesday - Ethiopia - After Midnight: I mean, technically, I'm in the airport, but I'm still in Ethiopia. I'm sitting next to my mother and across from strangers that I'll probably never see again. The cold has refused to leave since we boarded the first plane here from Abuja, Nigeria sometime in the afternoon. I don't know if we're ahead or behind timewise, but I do know I can hear all the planes and people around me. We're going to be here waiting for five hours in transit. I've grown to hate that word - waiting - it's become overused in the past year of my life. Hopefully after I get my diploma I won't have to keep on waiting for much longer.