FASHION WEEK DIARIES: London Fashion Week AW'18, Feb 16

Friday of London Fashion Week kicked off with Xu Zhi’s presentation show at Swiss Church Soho. The AW18 collection of London-based fashion designer, Xuzhi Chen, is inspired by Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s obsession with Jane Morris, one of the most recognisable faces in art history. The collection also celebrates Gerhard Richter’s 85th birthday. 


Heading over to 180 The Strand, the BFC’s official showspace for London Fashion Week, the area was teeming with fresh faces and incredible style. Freelance models and photographers line the streets looking for that perfect shot. The style present at the Strand this season included striking contrasts, patterned suits and a sort-of dressed down version of dressing up.


Soho’s street style centred around the big brands of streetwear with the likes of Balenciaga, North Face and Kappa. The Supreme store attracted crowds of some of the best dressed in high fashion on the streets of London, who were not only there for fashion week but were also enjoying the brilliant sunshine that covered London this Friday. 


Freemason’s Hall at 60 Great Queen Street was the venue for this year’s Fashion Scout shows. The afternoon show showcased the Merit Award winner, Fortie, a black female fashion designer, who debuted at CSM’s BA Press Show in 2017. Her second season of clothing featured fur jackets, denim, earthy colours and a lot of 100$ bills. A striking show with a sense of personality and a finale that saw the models having fun in their outfits brought the AW18 collection of Fortie to life. 

Later in the day, Pam Hogg took centre-stage at the catwalk with her collection of bright colours, leather, interesting taxidermy and heart motif makeup. In the backstage area of the show, tensions were high; shoes were missing, pins were needed, but there was an atmosphere of excitement surrounding the show. The models seemed to be loving their outfits and the extra 8 inches of height that their platform shoes provided. 
The audience delivered their own range of interesting and unique looks, with the likes of Jorgie Porter, Gabby Allen and Jorja Smith taking the coveted front row seats. 

Photography team: Max Herridge, Jay Whitehead, Ollie Dawson, Remi Ijaiya, Cassie Scotting
Written  by Max Herridge 

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  1. Stunning photos and review capturing the atmosphere of London fashion week.