FASHION WEEK DIARIES: London Fashion Week AW'18, Feb 18

Sunday of London Fashion Week began with a presentation from Kristel Kuslapuu. Her AW18 collection draws inspiration from cliches and irony whilst she describes her work as trashy and queer. Her pieces consist mainly of chunky knitwear with bright colours and absurd patterns that defy any sense of gender; Kristel says that “putting a gender to a garment feels like a waste of energy”. This is a refreshing and exciting viewpoint to have at London Fashion Week as so much of the catwalks and presentations seem to rely heavily on gender stereotypes. Kristel Kuslapuu clearly has an interesting perspective to bring to the fashion industry. 



The Fashion for Conservation catwalks brought a mixture of traditional evening gowns with incredible detailing and intricate headdresses to ruffles and flowing fabrics. The interior of Freemason’s Hall made the heavy fabrics dramatic and impressive with the colours seeming to somewhat match the venue. Fashion for Conservation was founded by three women dedicated to making a positive impact on the world and to inspiring consumers to make conscious decisions investing in conservation and supporting endangered wildlife and indigenous peoples. 



This was followed by Rocky Star; a fashion designer that became the first designer in India to design for both common man and celebrities. The pieces demonstrate Rocky Star’s talents of impeccable fitting and included hand-crafted detailing and glamorous silhouettes finished with beautiful embroidery. The show was nothing less than breathtaking and beautiful and a tough act to follow. 


Starsica was the show to follow Rocky Star and it brought an array of bright colours, playful patterns and experimental looks. The label pursues modern elegance whilst appearing very exaggerated. It was a show that would stick in the minds of the audience as they wrapped up their Sunday visit to London Fashion Week and prepared for the next day. 

Photography team: Astrid Aagaard-Svendsen, Kourtney Lohn
Written  by Max Herridge 

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