FASHION WEEK DIARIES: London Fashion Week AW'18, Feb 19

Monday of London Fashion Week saw the presentation of Ilaria Lepore’s haunting AW18 collection take centre stage at Freemason’s Hall. Androgyny was at the heart of this new collection as the models take on genderless appearances that create a provocative vision. 

The bodies of the models become statements made by the designer with some being as literal as writing across their chests. The work created by Ilaria Lepore is captivating not only in its appearance but also in the concept that runs behind it. 

The London-based fashion designer reverses commonly accepted notions of gender and beauty in their work and also incorporates a sense of peversion with references to fetish culture. 



The AW18 collection presentation had a vague theme of deconstruction around it with the background of the presentation being very minimal and the collection deconstructing gender stereotypes as well as fetish culture through its use of shape and colour, or lack thereof. 

This collection is one of the most interesting we have seen over this London Fashion Week and one that evokes a feeling of discord yet sparks intrigue into the designer’s mind and the concepts that lay behind the apocalyptic appearing work.



Photography team: Remi Ijaiya, Maria Guilia Casco
Written and curated by Max Herridge 

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