"The BLOOME team are a group of creative and intelligent youth, who aim to represent the artistic pursuits of their generation. This independently produced platform was created specifically for young visionaries who wish to inspire and innovate. Teenagers may have felt misjudged, underestimated, or unwelcome to share a voice about the world based on their age, and as a response BLOOME hopes to be the perfect platform for unheard youth around the world.
As a global arts + humanities collective, BLOOME aims to give an outlet for young people to share their thoughts and lifestyles, upon the overall curiosities and sentiments of young teenagers and adults today. We are a space that offers support of diverse ideas, and at BLOOME, we value the freedom of expression abandoning the censoring of conflicting content and ideas. It's our job as aspiring journalists to approach the values of other individuals through an open-minded foundation.
Our goal is to represent different mediums of art, and lifestyles you will find from every corner around the world. At BLOOME, we venture through our work with the guidance of passion and artistic integrity. As a collective that endorses intellectual diversity, we aim to push the envelope and dismiss conformity. We are an outlet for personal and cultural expression. "

 From BLOOME's Founders Victoria Sandico and Yiling Zhao