Hello there,

We truly appreciate your interest in wanting to be a part of the team, the collective is constantly seeking new staff members to fill positions in our growing publication.

If you feel fond of the company's philosophy, don't hesitate to consider applying to become a member of staff! Benefits are having a supportive circle of creatives to work with and the guaranteed publication of your work. We encourage all staff to produce at least one post per month.

We are currently looking for the following positions:

Social Media Manager
Circulation Manager (responsible for the development and operation of circulation plans)
Promotion director/manager
Contributing Writers

To apply: No matter what area of creative contribution, please send in a portfolio showcasing your best written or visual work and a personal statement introducing about yourself. Applications for managing roles should include a detailed statement of experience and expertise.

All applications and inquiries should be submitted to to

  If you are still eager to find a platform to share your work but not as a member of staff, you are always welcome to send in submissions of your work here.

Best of luck to you all,