Yiling (Elaine) Zhao | Editor-In-Chief, Creative Director 

Yiling lives in Toronto, spending her time buried in the archives of online mags - occasionally coming up for air to take some photos and write an article or two
She is an avid bubble tea consumer with interests in visual arts and fashion, some of her favourite artists being Annie Leibovitz, Leon Bakst and Tim Walker. 

Keep up with Yiling's Toronto life and worldly adventures through her instagram:   

INSTAGRAM: @yilzhao 

Olga Korovina | Fashion & Arts Director, Human Resources

Olga is a fashion and arts enthusiast from Ukraine, currently living and studying fashion media in London. She hopes to venture through a free-spirited life, derived from creativity and curiosity. She considers art to be a huge driving force in her life. As an aspiring fashion communicator and artist, she lives and breathes visuals and words, forming the hot mess that is her head. She is trying to keep her eyes open as much as possible, being in constant interrogation and research. Her work is created with genuine frankness, passion and sincerity.

When she is not creating content, she is consuming it in large amounts. Olga’s practise includes painting, with the paintings being regularly exhibited, poetry, creative writing, fashion illustration, photography, styling, art direction, sculpture and fashion design.

She is one of those visionaries and thinkers, always wishing to inspire and innovate. Through the magazine, she aims to thrive with a formative group of individuals asking and answering questions, along with determining who they are and what they are going to believe about themselves, life and people.

 You can follow Olga's creative journey via social media from the links below!

FACEBOOK: Olga Korovina

Lucilla Bellini | Editorial Assistant 

Lucilla Bellini is an italian born photographer, collages artist and Art-director. Graduated in Visual Anthropology and Cinema in Florence, she specialized in fashion photography, focusing her interest on the female portrait, poetic, emotional and strongly cinematic. 

She travelled through Europe and Asia and lived in Italy, France and Spain, acquiring an eclectic and multicultural vision of the world that is reflected in her way of telling stories through any medium of photography, analog, instant or digital. 
Her work is characterized by the strong imaginative component and the sophisticated use of color. She doesn’t just describe things in a plain way but with altered colors and doubled images, she drives reality to be open to different interpretations. The body of her work always takes the form of hypotheses, scattered at various levels of being and it overcomes the tension between what “has been” and that what “is”, crossing into a new dimension that of what “could be”. The admiration for Art drives her artworks to be declined in different forms that surpass the photographic medium for going towards the creation of hand-made mixed-media collages where, the analysis of the female figure, portrayed by her or cutted from fashion magazines, outlines the conceptual basis of her artistic work on the fragility and transience of beauty. Currently she lives between Florence, Italy and Tenerife, Spain, where she matches her artistic projects and exhibitions, with photography and Art-direction.

INSTAGRAM: @mirtylla

Tessa Mack | Editorial Assistant 

Tessa is a sixteen year old French American born in Brussels, Belgium and living in the hectic yet beautiful Istanbul, Turkey since 2014.   Growing up in an international environment with family on two continents and friends from all over the world, Tessa identifies as a social butterfly eager to meet and interact with new people.  Born bilingual, Tessa is passionate about languages and, in addition to her native French and English, is studying Spanish and Turkish – and even did a few years of German.  Creative by nature, Tessa loves writing, photography and videography, fashion, and all genres of music. She believes it is important to stay true to yourself and not get lost trying to resemble others: “Rely and trust upon your own decisions. On your own beliefs. – Be Yourself, Frank Ocean”

INSTAGRAM: @tessa.mack

Victoria Sandico | Founding Editor, Journalist 

Victoria is a eighteen year old from Toronto. She is a Senior Writer for Written Citizen, and a patron of WIND magazine. She loves eighties post-punk and Old Hollywood glam.

She describes the kinds of works she enjoys to be nostalgic and unconventional. She has an adoration for pop culture icons like Jim Morrison, Serge Gainsbourg and River Phoenix. In her spare time she enjoys making collages, sewing her own clothes, taking photos with friends, and watching movies with her older sister.

     Victoria hopes for BLOOME to flourish as a home for other young art lovers to share their undying passion and enthusiasm through their craft. She considers founding BLOOME to be a new and exciting adventure for her to partake, but she's looking forward to seeing how BLOOME will progress through the years. 
You can keep up with Victoria's activities by following her on instagram and tumblr:
TUMBLR: hostilefaerie

Mona Cordes | Senior Photographer

Mona Cordes, 21 years old, is an artistic London based being. Mona moved from a small German town to London to create work as a Photographer + Stylist whilst doing her degree in Fashion Textiles, specialising in Print. First thing to realise is the striking colours she shows in both Photo + Styling work.
She likes to produce work that shows people's different identities as well as youth culture in a natural way - achieved through the use of 35 mm photo series. 

Characteristics of Mona's work are also the layering of clothing set in playful urban environments surrounded by nature including elements such as graphics f.e. to be found on London's streets.

Follow up her work at @princess_moona / @mona_cordes_photos 

Imani Green | Contributing Photographer

Imani is a self-taught photographer and art director. She has always been interested in making her visions come to life. At the moment Imani is attending Georgia State University majoring in Art History. She strives to become a curator at a museum to create opportunities for young poc. When she's not behind the camera she enjoys being out in nature, catching local art shows and exploring the city.

Instagram : imani.nzuri/eastaurora.jpg

 Anastasia Pozhydaeva | Contributing Artist & Illustrator

Anastasia (Nastya) is a 19 years old fashion designer, fashion illustrator and artist. Born in Ukraine, she surrounded by techno and CXEMA club. At the moment she is a student of Polimoda University, with further education set at Central Saint Martins. Nastya is a big fan of avant-garde, Maison Margiela and white wine.

Here are some links with all of Anastasia's works

     Wiktoria Dworniak | Journalist 

Wiktoria is Warsaw-based creative mind of glorious 19, currently being a London College of Fashion student. As a future fashion critique, she often finds herself writing whatever she can - short stories, poetry, book pitches, theatre plays and articles, but for now most of them end up in her drawer, locked and waiting for better timing. 
Even when she was younger she started engaging with issues as of global meaning, such as feminism and common equality, but it took her some time to find platforms and media for her to share her thoughts. Bloome is for her one of these; a safe online space for young creatives to connect and light a spark of creating something new and beautiful. 

Wiktoria is a Sagittarius with her aura being violet-blue-ish. She lives fast and loves with passion, believing that she is a voice of her generation. Changing the world for better is her mission, and she does it everyday with just being herself. 

Send your love here: 

Stalk her online here:

       Egor Buimister | Journalist 

Egor is a London-based artist and essayist from Latvia. Currently studying Painting at Camberwell College of Arts, he already has a significant experience in various spheres of fine art and many exhibitions in which he took part. Egor's interests span from contemporary art and modern literature to religious philosophy and origins of language, and coming from multicultural and multilingual enviornment of the Baltics, he freely navigates himself in London's vibrant and sometimes chaotic artistic and intellectual life. From a young age, Egor is facinated with literature and written word in all its forms, hence producing his own texts and reports became a logical development of this passion. 

In his artistic practice, Egor attemps to reinterpret certain aspects of cintemporary art through the prism of sacred, exploring religious reality,, as well as developing the theme of geographical peripheries, capturing the spirit of their inhabitants. He works mainly with ink and paint on paper,, admiring this medium's direct simplicity, asceticism and sincerity.

 Through his pieces of writing for BLOOME, Egor aims to cover artistic events and reflect on wide range of problems, demonstrating insightful, sometimes highly unconventional perspective, guided by intellectual courage and love for art.

Domonique Harris | Journalist

From the second Domionique knew how to read, she really hasn't stopped. This passion for books eventually crossed over into her love for writing, which only all fed into her love for expressing creativity.

Domonique loves taking photos, even if they come out mediocre. Pairing them with short stories or some loopy drawings is enough for her. She finds passion in creativity in general, but it always comes back to her writing. Poems, short stories, log stories, reviews, lists; EVERYTHING!

While her creativity begins and continues to bring forth new experiences, she hopes by doing these things while she looks forward on the future, when she looks back on the past she won't forget it in the future.
To find out more about Dominique's life, you can follow her on instagram by clicking the link below:

Maia Medel  | Journalist

Maia is a seventeen year old girl living in the city of Austin, in the state of Texas. She is also a coffee addict, lover of Vincent Van Gogh, music fanatic, vietnamese food enthusiast, and full time photographer.

Photography was something that came to Maia as a surprise. She was mostly interested in music at a young age, writing songs the moment she could start speaking. However, as soon as she picked up a camera, she found she could express her thoughts and feelings through images as well.

Maia believes strongly in the power of photography, it’s magic in conveying emotions and thoughts to others, as well as its importance in capturing moments in time. She runs a photography blog on tumblr ( and is forever annoying her friends with the frequent spur of the moment photoshoots she holds. She is extremely excited to be a part of such a cool magazine and cannot wait to see it grow and thrive.

To get involved with Maia's photography and other artwork, give her a follow on her tumblr and instagram:
TUMBLR: obscure-image

Jessica Nauta | Journalist

Jessica grew up in Amsterdam and moved to Toronto, where she is currently attending her last year of high school. Jessica Nauta is in every sense a poet, and not much more.

"It seems they were all cheated of some marvellous experience
which is not going to go wasted on me which is why I am telling you about it"


Ruven Samaraweera | Music editor

Ruven is a fan of things. The primary reason he joined Bloome’s staff is because he enjoys discussing such things at large. These “things” consist of music, movies, photos, video games, literature: the arts in general. 17 and living in Toronto, Ruven spends a great amount of time indulging in such “things”: whether this means taking pictures of him and his friends in downtown; or recording lofi shoegaze in his room; he is almost always doing something in the name of “things”. Besides making “things”, Ruven is also a collector of “things”. He has culminated quite a large collection of DVD’s on his hard drive, chock-filled with some of his favourite directors like David Lynch and Sam Raimi. Besides that hard drive is his slightly smaller, more mediocre record collection: something which Ruven would fill up if it weren’t for something called fiscal responsibility. Ruven is influenced by a great many artists: from ecclesiastic mega stars like David Bowie and Kendrick Lamar, to brooding poets such as Elliott Smith and MF Doom; all of Ruven’s work is a culmination of all the art he has consumed throughout his life, and he hopes to effectively use Bloome as an outlet for that artistic energy.

Follow Ruven’s lame life on Instagram:

Hilary Sommerhalder | Music journalist

Hilary is a seventeen year old from Toronto whose life is surrounded by music, art and poetry. Since the age of five she has played piano and more recently started to play the French horn and trombone in the Canadian Sinfonietta Youth Orchestra. 

At age six Hilary started karate and is now black belt after 11 years. The goal that she wants to aspire to is becoming a music teacher and continuing to play in orchestra so that she can motivate and encourage passion in others and bringing light to the art’s community.

Francis Sousa | Contributing Artist & Photographer

Frances is a visual artist and photographer living in Toronto. Her practice includes media such as collage, embroidery, paint, and photography. She makes art to play and experiment with style, and express imaginative ideas that result in vibrant, dreamy, avant-garde and ethereal images. Frances is an avid fan of fashion and tarot.


Immi Johnson | Journalist

This is Immi. Immi with a double M because she feels it has a cool ring to it. She is sixteen years of age, and lives life surrounded by the essence and spirit of London, England. 

 Immi is a student at Kingston College, studying fashion, textiles and art. She enjoys collecting cool magazines,listening to jazz, going to cool places and doing cool things with her equally awesome friends

Immi is inspired by the world around her and everything it has to offer. She feels privileged to have been offered the opportunity to contribute her ideas through BLOOME, and is ready to share her crazy world and see what happens from it. 
To keep up with Immi's awesome life and adventures, give her a quick follow on Instagram, and check out her website: