Hello, and nice to see you here!

We're very happy to know that you are interested in contributing to BLOOME by sharing your creativity and talents with us. Fortunately for you, our team welcomes anyone to submit work. Submissions are key for BLOOME to give a platform for other young artists, aside from ourselves, to share their works to the public. 

Here is the criterion to submit your work:

  • A brief statement about yourself, explaining your artwork, and how it reflects upon your sentiments of the world around you 

  • For photographs and art pieces, scans of your work in the highest quality possible, sent as attached documents in e-mail 

  • For writing pieces, content copied and pasted in the body of your sent e-mail (do not worry about the font of your work, as everything publish on our website is automatically published to appear in default font)

  • A short, but well written paragraph outlining the story, and history behind your chosen piece of work, as well explaining the story of how you began to pursue your chosen craft (if you submitted a poem, then you'd share how you got into poetry, and how impacted you, etc.) 


To send in your submissions, e-mail us at, or check out our staff page if you wish to contact other individuals.